How to submit an article to


Journal articles on LB or related topics can be submitted to, and they will be added to the list. Submit requests by e-mail to the address articles at lbmethod dot org.

The format for a submission is a BibTeX file attached to the e-mail, containing one @article entry for each suggested article.

As submissions are processed automatically, make sure the file is valid BibTeX (which means that it can be processed by the bibtex program without fatal errors). The entries of the BibTeX file are used as meta-information to generate the Wiki page.

The following entries are mandatory:

  • title. Remember to protect the “B” of Boltzmann by curly braces.
  • author. Use a format like in the following example: Newton, Isaac and Boltzmann, Ludwig Eduard and Einstein, Albert.
  • journal. Use abbreviations as suggested by the American Physical Society.
  • volume, year, pages.
  • doi (Digital Object Identifier).
  • category. Comma-separated list of tags. See specifications below.
  • comment. Add a non-technical explanation of the article's content. Write the string “none” if no comment is available.

Category tags

Each article is characterized by exactly one main tag, and, optionally, by an arbitrary number of secondary tags.

The main tag is one of the three following: theory, application, non_lb (non-LB papers which are considered to be of direct interest for this domain anyway).

The secondary tags can be chosen among the following: model (presentation of a new LB model), analysis (study of an existing model), review, multi_phase, multi_component, thermal, turbulence, complex, high_knudsen, compressible, non_fluid (e.g. LB model for advection-diffusion equation), boundary_condition, initial_condition, body_force, grid_refinement, algorithm.


    author   = {McNamara, Guy R. and Zanetti, Gianluigi },
    title    = {Use of the {B}oltzmann Equation to Simulate Lattice-Gas Automata},
    journal  = {Phys. Rev. Lett.},
    volume   = {61},
    pages    = {2332--2335},
    year     = {1988},
    doi      = {10.1103/PhysRevLett.61.2332},
    category = {theory, model},
    comment  = {This paper proposes a novel way to deal with the statistical noise of 
                the Cellular Automata approach by replacing the boolean variables (which
                represent particles) by real numbers on each lattice site. The result is
                encouraging, as the computational cost is decreased at still acceptable 
                accuracy. This is one of the first references to a lattice Boltzmann
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