Palabos Benchmarks

This section presents benchmark results of Palabos applications executed on different platforms. They are intended to provide some guidance as you look for a good platform on which to execute Palabos.

The speed of execution of the application is measured in “mega site updates per second”, Msups or Msu for short. Large number of Msu means high performance, small number of Msu means low performance.

Disclaimer: While we conducted these benchmarks with reasonable care, we cannot exclude mistakes, and in particular, we cannot guarantee that you will get the same performance if you buy one of these machines. Some of the benchmarks were executed just once and not cross-validated by anything else than the fact that they look reasonable to us, within our limited experience. Finally, we emphasize that the performance of an application depends on many parameters, and that it is not possible to fully characterize a platform by a single number as we do it here. Use these numbers as a criteria among others when you purchase a new platform. Don't use them for anything else.


Benchmarks: platforms

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