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 +===== Changelog of Version 0.6, Release 0 =====
 +<WRAP center 30% round download>
 +Download this release:
 +[[http://www.palabos.org/images/palabos_releases/palabos-v0.6r0.tgz | tar]]
 +[[http://www.palabos.org/images/palabos_releases/palabos-v0.6r0.zip | zip]]
 +Due to a trademark clash, we discontinue using the name "xFlows" for our open-source project. 
 +Consequently, the project is renamed to "Palabos", an acronym for "Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Solver". This word is also a Greek adjective which means "crazy", and hints at all the crazy things you may want to do with this code. The new web location of the project is at the URL
 +We understand that such a name change is bothersome for many users and
 +apologize for this necessary move. If you've already introduced links to the xFlows web site in a publication, you won't run into issues, because we will maintain
 +the URL [[http://www.lbmethod.org/xflows/|www.lbmethod.org/xflows/]], represented by a page which links to the new Palabos project.
 +The first Palabos release (palabos-v0.6r0) is identical with the last
 +xFlows release (xflows-v0.6r1), except for a few name changes.
 +Performing these name changes in your end-user code is simple. The
 +necessary changes are listed below:
 +#include "xflowsXD.h" --> #include "palabosXD.h"
 +#include "xflowsXD.hh" --> #include "palabosXD.hh"
 +namespace xfl --> namespace plb
 +xflInit --> plbInit
 +xint --> plint
 +xuint --> pluint
 +xcout --> pcout
 +xcerr --> pcerr
 +xclog  --> pclog
 +Furthermore, all occurrences of "xflows" must be replaced by "palabos"
 +in your Makefile. The easiest way of doing this replacement is to get
 +a new copy of the Makefile from the Palabos example directories.
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