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Changelog of Version 1.2, Release 0

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The big novelties of this important release are the free-surface fluid model, the marching-cube implementation for data post-processing, and the Java programmer interface.

New Model: Embedded particles with combined particle-particle and particle-fluid interaction

For a long time now, Palabos has supported the simulation of point-like (or small-volume) particles with one-way or two-way particle-fluid coupling. We have now extended this model to include efficient particle-particle coupling. A hashing approach is used to achieve better than algorithmic efficiency (where is the number of particles). Depending on the distribution of particles and the choice of the particle hash, the efficiency can be as good as .

An example application in which this model is put into practice is provided in the Palabos examples directory, under showCases/particlesInCone. The results produced by this application are shown on the Palabos web page.

Improved Model: Surface tension and contact angles in free-surface model

The free-surface model has been improved in many ways to match more closely the physics of complex liquid-gas systems. The completion scheme along the free surface has been modified to reduce spurious currents and encourage convergence towards a stable stationary state.

New components were added to add surface tension and contact angle with bounce-back walls as free parameters.

The programmer's interface for the free-surface model has slightly changed in order to incorporate these new models. The changes needed to adapt your code are minor, though. Have a look at the example program showCases/breakingDam3d to learn about the new syntax.

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