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 +===== Changelog of Version 1.3, Release 0 =====
 +<WRAP center 30% round download>
 +Download this release:
 +[[http://www.palabos.org/images/palabos_releases/palabos-v1.3r0.tgz | tgz]]
 +[[http://www.palabos.org/images/palabos_releases/palabos-v1.3r0.zip | zip]]
 +==== New comprehensive framework for multi-phase flow ====
 +The new multi-phase module is based on the same principles as the free-surface code (a volume-of-fluid approach), except that it now fully solves the physics of two phases. To keep the discussion simple, you can imagine that an algorithm similar to the free-surface one is solved separately for each phase, and that a coupling is additionally implemented on the interface to guarantee the continuity of the relevant macroscopic variables. While a first sketch of this model was available already in release 1.2, the current release 1.3 ships with a full framework, examples, and validations.
 +Examples of this multi-phase module at work:
 +  * [[http://www.palabos.org/gallery/multi-phase-free-surface-flow/65-bubble-splitter | The bubble-splitter]].
 +  * [[http://www.flowkit.com/showcases/multi-phase-rotors-and-pumps | The swirling spray]].
 +  * [[http://www.palabos.org/gallery/multi-phase-free-surface-flow/64-falling-droplet | Falling droplets]].
 +==== Python binding dropped ====
 +As of this release, we have also decided to discontinue the support for the Python binding of Palabos. While it took huge amounts of work to maintain the binding, its reception has always been biased. Always lagging behind the C++ version with the newest features, the Python binding used to be dropped in favor of C++ even by less experienced programming. By dropping the Python binding, we hope to find additional time to improve the programmer's interface and 
 +documentation of the C++ version.
 +==== Bug fix in relation with MPI ====
 +Another important point of this release is a bug fix in the MPI communication. Palabos used to run into difficulties with certain versions of MPICH (or certain combinations of MPICH and hardware settings). We did our best to fix this issue; any feed-back is appreciated.
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