Changelog of Version 2.0, Release 0

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Most important Changes

  • Plenty of bug fixes. Thanks for the hints on the forum!
  • Implemented a new octree-based 3D grid refinement.
  • Added an exterior flow code, which uses the new grid refinement features “examples/showCases/gridRefinement3d/”
  • Added an example: “examples/showCases/heatedObjectInChannel/”.
  • Added couplings between Advection-Diffusion-Reaction and Free-Surface flows.
  • Added models for fluid dynamics with external body forces.
  • Added data analysis and initialization utilities for forced flows.
  • Implemented Coriolis and centripetal force computation for rotating reference frames.

All Changes

  • Implemented computation of helicity.
  • Improved computations involving parallel random number generation.
  • Added Advection-Diffusion-Reaction models for D3Q15, D3Q19 and D3Q27 lattices.
  • Implemented many finite-difference Advection-Diffusion-Reaction models.
  • Added an Arrhenius Advection-Diffusion-Reaction model.
  • Improved the inlet-outlet conditions with the Free-Surface model.
  • Added Free-Surface utilities for porous media flows.
  • Improved the transient statistics.
  • Added different utilities for particle injection.
  • Implemented a LinearInterpolation2D class for user-defined material properties.
  • Improved the Units3D class to facilitate the transformation between lattice and physical units.
  • Improved the error reporting capabilities of Palabos.
  • Improved the off-lattice boundary conditions (Filippova-Haenel, Guo, Bouzidi, etc…).
  • Improved the parallel voxelizers.
  • Improved the reading, writing and processing of triangle surface meshes.
  • Implemented Parallel and Sparse VTK output.
  • Implemented specular reflection dynamics (for free-slip boundaries).
  • Added a D3Q39 lattice.
  • Added new concepts like Group3D and the Actions3D.
  • Fixed an important bug with the Two-Phase VOF model.
  • Improved the STL utilities.
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